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Kyenjojo Rural Life Center

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Our common goal:  helping orphans, and caregivers of orphans by doing what we can.. 
Starting out very small some would say whats the use, as there are so many.. nearly 15,000,000 orphans in Africa and a staggering 1.5 million in Uganda alone..

Our Mission

  1. To provide, medicine, education, and living requirements to orphans.
  2. To provide a home with the security and love of a family - to promote successful productive citizens of integrity.
  3. To assist, encourage, empower widows, and caregivers of orphans.

Kyenjojo Rural Life Centre

a centre for life skills, innovative farming techniques, with income and food generation projects.


Uganda, East Africa


The needs are evident: a place for orphans to call home that have no existing or extended family. There is also a great need for job creation / training projects for young people that are capable of a successful productive life without continuing on to higher education.  Hence, a model farm, home, and teaching facility that encourages trades, and introduces small business in a Christian atmosphere.

This in turn will help eradicate hunger and encourage self-sufficiency


Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:06 






Since women are the ones that work in the fields, doing the majority of the farming and food production:  we focus our project in creating, strengthening the income potential and security for widows and caregivers of orphans. To create a farm, and training project – the recipients will receive a normal wage but with an added bonus of  profit sharing at each harvest. This creates unity, success, and pride in our continuing progress: helping them help themselves


  1. To aid in the process of creating successful lives  gaining a degree of stability. To encourage, give direction and help open opportunities for youth in need.
  2. Teach and encourage basic fundamentals of living by His word.
  3. To become self-sufficient in operating expenses.
  4. To work with other existing NGOs, taking referrals of the most needy.




Long Term Forecast:

(as we grow and establish ourselves) 

         A jointly  ran Vocational School with other established and starting  NGOs.

         Farming / animal production

         Firewood, ornamentals, specialty vegetables

         Sewing uniforms, RTWs

         Computer training and job creation with same.

         Bakery and snack foods

         Tutoring English, school subjects

.     Bike and motorcycle mechanics - training / shop

daily sight, a boy carrying matoke (grn. bananas)


dwellings for the majority

Organization News: UPDATES

Please see page "2" for the updates.. and compare this page to that! Yes, we are making progress. And contact me, with any questions at all, I would be pleased to hear from you...

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